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baby t shirt designs

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baby t shirt designs - Boy's Navy

Boy's Navy Blue Infant T-Shirt with Robot Design - Newborn

Boy's Navy Blue Infant T-Shirt with Robot Design - Newborn

This incredibly cute design of a golden robot is just the start of what makes this infant t-shirt so great. The dark blue fabric is environmentally friendly, so this item is guilt free! Beyond that, the construction and high quality materials are both designed to make this infant t-shirt durable and resistant to wear and tear. The materials are very soft and comfortable for your little guy or girl. Item available in multiple sizes. Be sure to buy today since this item is not available in stores!

89% (14)

Drunken bird - baby t-shirt

Drunken bird - baby t-shirt

T-shirts with drunken bird are now availables for babies and children.
Soon availables also for adults.
See my profile for more info.

Helen models the baby's t-shirt

Helen models the baby's t-shirt

Helen designed t-shirts for Mick, Haruka and their future baby. The baby t-shirt even has those cute press studs down one shoulder.

baby t shirt designs

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